Samech Vav - Earliest Paltiel Version
The Samech Vov (published in 5666 or 1906) is a classic work of Chassidic philosophy written by Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn (the Rashab, the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch). It is one of the largest series of Chassidic discourses ever written. Its core focus is the topic known as "Dira b'tachtonim" (making Hashem a home in the lowest world). To this end, two distinct views of the purpose of Creation are discussed with emphasis placed on bringing G-dliness down into the physical realm (as opposed to lifting the world up to G-dliness). The Samech Vov series describes this process, e.g., the union of the infinite (sovev) and the limited (mimaleh) as a response to the higher level of atzmus (truth). The Rebbe describes two types of avodas Hashem (service to G-d): the rich and experiential service of studying the Torah, and, the service of mitzvos which is exemplified by discipline and acceptance of Hashem's yoke. He extends this contrast with an analysis of two types of people: an "eved" (common slave), who nullifies himself in his interaction with his master; versus a "ben" (son), who has an intimate relationship with his father. The discourse culminates with the novel concept of "ben sh'naaseh eved" (a son who achieves the advantages of servitude). The lectures in this series cover about 25% of the entire Samech Vov.
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