Parshas Behar (Yeshiva 5780) The laws of Kinyanim and a lesson.

Parshas Behar (Yeshiva 5780) in the middle of the (holy) laws of Eretz Yisroel- all the laws of Kinyan are inserted.A review of many Halachos and Torah-attitudes and a lesson: the ordinary must be holy.

25-02 BeHar - First possuk in the Parsha. (5767) What does "Behar Sinai" mean?

First possuk in the Parsha. (5767).In this shiur on parshas Behar the first pasuk is analyzed. Why are the words b’har Sinai in the first pasuk? Why is Sinai mentioned together with shmitta (here after mishkan)? Sources include: Rashi, Even Ezra, Alshich, Rachav, and a sicha.

25-05. BeHar - Sfichim (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).

25-05. Sfichim (what grows by itself).The self growing foliage may be treated mote strictly than what on plants (in the sixth year) outright.The concept mystically, there are no new Neshamos (in Galus), but all the Neshamos of Galus are Gilgulim… what was planted long ago but grown now.The idea of seeds germinating and surfacing long...

25-14. Kinyanim

25-14. Kinyanim.- the laws of acquisition. (How does one posses something according to the Torah). (5768). Class One. Class two.

25-14. Onaa; Halachos and Chassidus of Ona'a (Price Inflation)

25-14. Onaa- the law against abusing another in business or personal matters. (5769).The Laws of Ona’a (ona’a means inflating prices above or below a certain threshold). Sources: Rashag, Rashi, E. Ezra, Abarbanel, Alschich, Ramban, Sforno, Gemara, Chinuch, Tzemach Tzedek