קדושים תהיו. ה'תשמ"א

This מאמר of קדושים is different than most מאמרים on this פסוק. In this version the greatest thing is what we Give Hashem on our own: תפילה which is explained as מסירת נפש. This is higher than our relationship with Hashem based on what He gives us: תורה ומצות. The third crown that He keeps...

ViHiskadishtem ViHiyisem K'doshim 5745.

This Maamar discusses holiness. not in the shul or Yeshiva but at the table. The holiness of the table (connected to washing, Brachos, Tzedaka and Torah) holifies the meal and contributes to the purpose of Avodas HaBirurim most substantially. It also mentions the idea that our holiness ‘holifies’ Hashem Himself (also).

Hashamayim Kisi 5746.

This classic Rosh Chodesh Maamar is linked specifically to Rosh Chodesh Iyar, Parshas Kidoshim and Sefiras HaOmer. Hashamayim Kisi and its juxtaposition against Parshas Kedoshim. There seems to be contradiction here. The Haftorah discusses our work and the Parsha suggests that all is about Hashem. Is it about G-d or about man? The answer: it...