Parsha Classes- Acharei Mos classes

Category Title Description
Acharei-kedoshim - 2010Acharei-Kedoshim - 2010 Seiirim - shidim. Form of lowly avoda zara Sources: Gemara, Rambam, E. Ezra, Ramban, Alshich, Chasam Sofer, Zohar
Achrei Mos - Kedoshim 2006 - Kilayim (forbidden Mixtures)This class presents a detailed discussion of the negative mitzvah of kilayim (forbidden mixtures of species) that is introduced in this parsha. Sources include Rashi, Rambam, Even Ezra, Ramban, Rabeinu Bechaye, and a maamar from the Rebbe Rashab from 5678.
Achrei Mos - 2009 - Vechai Bahem (live By The Mitzvot)''Ve-Chai bahem'' - Live by the mitzvot - do not die by them. Gemara (halacha), Rashag, Rashi, Eben Ezra, Ramban, R. Bechayey, Alshich, Ohr Hatorah

18-05. "VaChai bahem" (5769).
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Mitzvos are for living, not to die C"V for them.
17-07. Se'irim (5770).
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Offering to other gods is called "offering to Seiirim" (the demons). What does this mean?
16-08 The Azazel. (5773/2013)
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Azazel, what does it mean and represent, especially on Yom Kippur? 1) Rashi, 2) Rashbam, 3) Chizkuni- a bribe to the left side, 4) Zohar, to distract the gevuros so that they don't inspire judgement from 'on high', 5) Tziyuni, to 'feed' all the king's servents even the bad ones, (so that all are included in His unity). 6) Abarbanel, to open up and reveal the divisions where they are not yet so apparent (for the sake of correction), 7) Kli Yakar, all our evil is the Yetezer HaRa's.