25. VaAchaltem Achol 5738 (this is a Hemshech to Layehudim [Purim])

VaAchaltem Achol 5738 PDF VaAchaltem Achol 5738, Class One.This Ma’amar is a Hemshech to Layehudim of Purim.This class is on the last part of the Ma’amar that deals with Purim.Purim is very special now but will be (even more) special even after Moshiach comes, because it is from the highest and reaches the lowest. First...

זאת תורת העולה ה'תש"מ.

Class One. In this first class on this מאמר the Rebbe discusses the idea of עבודה צורך גבוה- do our תורה ומצוות touch and matter to Him? The answer: In שמו or גילויים yes, but not in עצמות. He explains it using the מאמר עד שלא נברא העולם הי’ הוא ושמו בלבד. He explains that...

Va'achaltem achol 5747.

After all Birurim (separating the entanglement of Kedusha and klipa), and the Aliya (elevating into holiness) there remains an additional aliya (“Eating the already eaten [elevated]), that will happen le’asid. Aharon (Kohanim) have this idea right now in their korbonos.