Pekudei 1999 - Mayaan Chai Series

Pekudei 1999 – Mayaan ChaiBeginners Class

38-21. Aile' Pikudei the 1st Possuk.

Class One. This is the regular Parsha Class. Includes Rashi, Even Ezra, Ramban, sforno, Midrash, Rabbeinu Bichayey (quite interesting), R. Yonoson (Aibeshitz). Class two. This is the maamar class (from 5770) given in conjunction with above class. It explains double allusion to Mishkan and much more.

38-28. 1,775 remaining shekalim of Silver. (5768).

This Possuk was interpreted by the Alter rebbe as a “Ketz” (date for Moshiach’s coming), this class explores this and much more. Class One. Class Two.

39-03. The golden thread. (5769).

The garments of the Kohein Godol had gold woven into the fabric. This class explores the method described in making it and what it means on deeper levels.