30-12. First Possuk, Ki Tisa (5771/2011).

30-12. First Possuk, Ki Tisa (5771/2011).

30- 13 Shekel Hakodesh and Lashon HaKodesh, the RaMbaM and the RaMbaN (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).

30- 13 Shekel Hakodesh and Lashon HaKodesh, the RaMbaM and the RaMbaN (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).What is Shekel HaKodesh?1) Rashi what is used for Mitzvos, IOW Moshe as a King chose this currancy.2) Everything is doubledRaMbaN brings what the RaMbaM says about Lashon HaKodesh (clean language with no bad words) and argues.He says it is about...

30-18. The Kiyor (5773/2013).

The Kiyor, was outside the Beis HaMikdash (and the Mishkan) showing that its’ function was secondary. Some hold the Kiyor in higher regard. The Tzemach Tzedek and the Noam Elimelech. Rashi, MaHaRaM, Chizkuni, E. Ezra, R. Bechayey, Rikanti, Abarbanel (2 approaches), Shach, Chasam Sofer, Ohr HaRorah, Noam Elimelech.

The Luchos.

Topic Luchos Part One; Class for Parshas Yisro –Detailed discussion of the tablets (luchos) themselves – size, shape,qualities etc.   References to numerous sources.The Luchos were physical but they weren’t really from this world.Many aspects of the Luchos was beyond understanding.This class (after an introduction) visits the Luchos using a variety of Maamarei Chazal.Length :  24:22...

Ain Mukdam Umeuchar baTorah.

One of the constant issues in the Torah is chronology. The Gemara says the Torah isn’t written in a chronological order. The question is how far from the chronology is the Torah. Two classic commentaries debate this question fiercely (and they aren’t alone)- Rashi and the Ramban. Rashi holds that invoking “Ain Mukdam Umeuchar…” is...

32-01. The חטא העגל a few different versions

32-01. The חטא העגל a few different versions How could the Yiden have made an eigel (Golden Calf) so soon after recieving the Torah? This class was given at Machon Chana (5763). An introductory level lecture on the perplexing question of how the Jewish people got involved in making a golden calf¹. This class is...

33-04, 05. The Eidim (5769).

The Yidden were given what is often called crowns at Mattan Torah that were taken away after they sinned. These adornments are called Eidim. What were they and did they mean?

34-06. The Thirteen attributes of mercy.

A three part series on the 13 Middos given in 5766. Part One. A three class series providing a deep examination of the Yud Gimmel Middos Harachamim (the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy).¹ This first class focuses on how the 13 attributes are enumerated. This is an intermediate to advanced level class which discusses in detail...

34- 33. Moshe's Mask (5768).

How to explain the mask Moshe wore in the desert. Class One. Class Two.