ואתה תצוה ה'תשמ"א

This is the מאמר given to us in Adar 5752, with which we live our lives; it is the מאמר of התקשרות. Click here for a folder-full of classes and versions of classes on this מאמר. This Maamar the Rebbe edited and distributed less then two weeks before 27 ADAR 1 5752. The Maamar of...

Veata Titzave' 5741.

Said in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3 TAMUZ 5771. Three types of Rebbe, all inspiring Yidden in the matter of faith, yet each has a different method. Kasis LaMaor.

ואתה תצוה ה'תשמ"א בלתי מוגה

This one class encompasses the entire unedited version of this מאמר. Four points: 1) ואתה תצוה in this case משה is the point: to strengthen אידישע אמונה and internalize it. 2) ויקחו אליך causing an עלי’ה in Moshe, who grows in humility as a result of this new relationship, with another (lower) generation. 3) כתית...

Veatta Titzave 5745

VeAtta Titzave involves Moshe and Aharon: Moshe brings Hashem to us, Torah, no time; Aharon brings us to Him, Tefilla, there is ‘night until day’ (time).