Parshas Teruma: Mishkan and Mikdash (Yeshiva 5780)

Parshas Teruma: Mishkan and Mikdash (Yeshiva 5780)Why the two words, two levels, Schechina (manifest) and Kedusha (hovering), משכן דאקרי מקדש ומקדש דאקרי משכןWhy is Moshe’s house called (primarily) Schechina and the subsequent houses are called (primarily) Mikdash.Several explanations. משכן is lowerמשכן is more permanent (He goes into Galus גלות השכינה) while קדושה departs (קוב”ה סליק...

Terumah 25-02 2007 - Give Yourself To Me

25-02. Give Yourself to Me. First Pasuk in the Parsha Series¹ – Terumah installment. A lively discussion of “Daber el-beney Yisra’el veyikchu-li trumah me’et kol-ish asher yidvenu libo tikchu et-trumati”. (“Speak to the Israelites and have them bring Me an offering. Take My offering from everyone whose heart impels him to give”).² Sources include Rashi,...

25-10. The Keruvim (and the Aron). (5766) TERUMAH 2006 – A TOUR OF THE ARON HAKODESH

25-10. The Keruvim (and the Aron). (5766)TERUMAH 2006 – A TOUR OF THE ARON HAKODESH. This class is a gem. Rabbi Paltiel walks you through the layers of commentary on the Aron Hakodesh (the Holy Ark) from the simple to the complex. This is an unusual opportunity to see the differences between Philosophy, Kabbala, and...

25-23. The SHULCHAN.

Class One. This class includes Rashi, Ramban, Rabeinu Bechayey, Sforno, Midrash Hagadol, Kli Yaka, Shach. Class Two (part 1). This part includes Rabeinu Bechayey, Rikanti and Shel”ah. Class Two (part 2). This part includes the Chassidus on the Shulchan: Derech mitzvosecha, Maamar (5665).

27-01. The Mizba'ach (5773/2013).

Tha Mizba’ach. This class analyzes the purpose and idea of the Mizba’ach and the question of how the Yidden knew in advance that there would be a divine commandment to build a Mizba’ach. Midrash, Abarbanel, Rabbeinu Bechayey, Alshich, Kli Yakar, Chassidus (in short and by heart). Two ideas.