Yisro 2005 - Matan Torah From The Inside

This class on Parshas Yisro discusses the meaning of Mattan Torah and the difference between the experience of Mattan Torah that we have at Parshas Yisro versus on Shavuos.

Ain Mukdam UMeuchar BaTorah.

One of the constant issues in the Torah is chronology. The Gemara says the Torah isn’t written in a chronological order. The question is how far from the chronology is the Torah. Two classic commentators debate this question fiercely- Rashi and the Ramban. Rashi holds that invoking “Ain Mukdam uMeuchar…” is quite liberal, while the...

18-01. Parshas Yisro, (Yeshiva 5780) without Yisro there is no Torah!

18-01. Parshas Yisro, (Yeshiva 5780) without Yisro there is no Torah!The Zohar says Yisro’s coming and conceding, needed to happen before Sinai. What makes this outstanding is the fact that Mattan Torah at Sinai is considered a unilateral event, yet Yisro’s concession is a pre-requisite to the giving of Torah.Pharoah, Bila’am and Yisro.So smart, from...

18-11. Ata yadati (now I know...) (5768).

Yisro’s acknowledgment of Hashem was very significant. What (precisely) does it mean? Class One. Class Two.

18-21. Yisro, Moshe Needed Advice From Yisro?

18-21. Yisro 2006 – Moshe Needed Advice From Yisro?This class delves into the question of why Moshe needed advice from Yisro on how to structure his interaction with the Jewish people. The analysis draws on three different sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

18-21. Moshe's perspective (5766).

When it seems that Moshe has bad judgement, he’s actually giving what is correct from his point of view. Torah from the top down and the bottom up.

19-01. Getting the Torah. (5767).

This is a beginners Class.

20-01. God speaks and we repeat, when and how? (5773/2013).

This entire Posuk is problematic. Besides for the question that it may be entirely unnecessary, it has various anomalies 1) Elokim is mentioned- why? 2) To whom is the Lamor a reference if all Jews and all future generations were actually present at that event? Rashi, Chizkuni,Rambam, Rabbeinu Becahyey, Etz HaDaas Tov, (Kli Yakar, Rikanti),...

20-02. Anochi. (5766).

This class includes Rambam, Even Ezra, Ramban, Rabbeinu bechayey, Chinuch, Ralbag, Chassidus.

The Luchos.

Topic Luchos Part One; Class for Parshas Yisro –Detailed discussion of the tablets (luchos) themselves – size, shape,qualities etc.¬† ¬†References to numerous sources.The Luchos were physical but they weren’t really from this world.Many aspects of the Luchos was beyond understanding.This class (after an introduction) visits the Luchos using a variety of Maamarei Chazal.Length :¬† 24:22...

20-15. "Vchol haAm Roim..." (5770).

The total experience that was at the giving of the Torah.

20-21. Mizbach Adama.

The Mizbeach (Altar) had to be built directly on the ground. It could be made of either stone or sand. What does it all mean?