Beginners Class, Bo 1999 - Leaving Mitzrayim

Parshas Bo in the Mayaan Chai Series. Note: The questions in this class could not be amplified due to distortion in the recording and the low volume of the questions. However, the content of the questions is clear from the answers.

10-01. First Possuk. (5667), Bo 2007 - Come With Me to Pharoah

This class discusses the meaning of the word Bo in the continuing series on the first pasuk in the parsha. Sources include: Rashi, Even Ezra, Sporno, Tur, R. Chaim Vital, and Sichos.

10-21. Choshech (5773/2013).

Choshech, what was the plague of darkness and what does “Viyamesh” mean? There were two basic aspects to this darkness based on the Chazal that says the darkness came from 1) The heavens, 2) Gehinom. These two ideas are developed and explained in different ways by many Miforshim Rasag, rashi, Even Ezra, Sporno, Rabeinu Bechayey,...

12-02. First Mitzva, Kidush Hachodesh.

12-02. First Mitzva, Kidush Hachodesh. This Mitzva is given to Beis Din alone. They must determine the months and the years, deciding when and how to add a leap year. The class (which is divided in two because of it’s length), deals with opinions about this mitzva. There is a surprising Rabbeinu Chananel, and the...

12-11. Vekacha... (5769).

The Pesach was eaten in haste as if already on a journey.

12-41,51. Tzivos hashem. (5770).

The Yidden leaving mitzrayim (Egypt) are called Tzivos (army) and Tzivos Hashem (Hashem’s army). What does all this mean?

13-01. Vayedaber...Leimor. (5768).

This is the first time this most frequent Possuk appears in the Torah. Hashem said to Moshe that he repeat his words to others. What lies behind this Possuk?

13-02 Kadesh Li Kol Bechor, the Mitzvos of the first born (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021). (P Bo)

13-02 Kadesh Li Kol Bechor, the Mitzvos of the first born (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).The first Mitzvos “after Mattan Torah: are Parshas Bo, they include 1) The laws of the Torah calendar 2) Mitzvos of Korban Pesach 3) Eating Matza 4) Against having Chometz on Pesach 5) Telling our children the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim at...