Beginners Class on Parshas Vaeira (5759).

Mayan Chain (Borough Park 5759).

06-02. First Possuk in the Parsha. (5767), VAEIRA 2006 – FROM GALUS TO GEULA

Posted on November 2, 2017 by Rabbi PaltielThe parsha deals with the plagues – as soon as the plagues started the slavery ended. This is the beginning of the geula from Mitzrayim (Egypt). This class continues our series of analysis of the first pasuk (line) of the parsha. Hashem is in the middle of talking to Moshe and...

06-02. The Ramban. (5766).

One of the great theological questions is discussed by the Ramban at the beginning of this Parsha: is reward and punishment a natural effect of our actions or is it a distinct act of G-d. This question is addressed in this class.

06-26,27 Moshe and Aharon. (5773/2013).

Two P’sukim that seem to be repeating the very same thing: That Moshe and Aharon took Yidden out of Mitzrayim, the first says hu Aharon UMoshe and the second ends Hu Moshe Viaharon and in the middle it says Heim (in plural) what is going on here? Rashi, Chizkuni, Even Ezra, Alshich, Yonasan Aibeshitz and...

07-01. Moshe's mission. (5769).

Hashem insists on Moshe speaking for Him despite his handicap. Moshe will speak for Hashem and Aharon will be his communicator (“prophet”).

07-01. Shemos: P VaEra: Moshe is "Elokim" to Pharoah and Aharon is his "Navi" (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021)

07-01. Moshe is “Elokim” to Pharoah and Aharon is his “Navi” (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).1) Moshe is first a כבד פה ועבד לשון later he is an ערל שפתים and finally he is הן אני ערל שפתים (his impediment is notorious) and still he’s the one to take us from Mitzrayim.2) Last week (Shmos) Hashem shows...

Va'aira, is about "Knowing Hashem" (Yeshiva 5780).

Va’aira, is about “Knowing Hashem” (Yeshiva 5780).1) The Makkos aren’t (by any means) just to get us out of Egypt, there are much easier ways to accomplish that.They are to educate Yidden, the Mitzriim and the entire world about Havaya (G-d above nature).The miracles in the Parsha are there for all of history, as far...

07-09. The STAFF.

Moshe is commanded: tell Aharon to throw his staff to the ground and it will become a serpent, as a divine sign to the Pharaoh. This is the only sign the Pharaoh gets before the plagues.

07-12. Swallowing the sticks.

After Aharon throws his staff to the ground and the Pharaoh’s magicians match the feat Aharon’s staff swallows theirs. This class includes Even Ezra, Rashi, Maharam, Sforno, Chida, A Sicha (Likutei Sichos vol. 26) and a Maamar (5741).