4 Classes

22. Re'ei 5713

22. Re’ei 5713This Ma’amar (seems to be based on it’s predecessor by the same name from the Rebbe RaShaB in 5679).It is goping to present us with a deeper meaning of these Pesukim ראה אנכי נותן לפניכם היום ברכה וקללה; את הברכה אשר תשמעו וגו’ והקללה אם לא תשמעו וגו his theory is that these...

אחרי ה' אלוקיכם תלכו תשי"ד

Class One. 1) This Possuk (Acharei…) begins with love, the fear (which is supposed to come first, Tanya Ch. 41) is before this Possuk’s Avoda starts. 2) Walking from below to above is about one’s personal connection with Hashem as opposed to the formal connection through Torah and Mitzvos. 3) all the subsequent steps follow...

46. Ani Lidodi 5736 (1st Ma'amar on this Possuk [and 1st part of Hemshech])

46. Ani Lidodi 5736 (1st Ma’amar on this Possuk [and 1st part of Hemshech]).This little Ma’amar joins what is written in the classic Ma’amar Ani Lidodi with the Ma’amar Visamti Kadkod where additional detail is added to the analogy of the king in the field. The two ideas of אני לדודי ודודי לי and דודי...

ראה אנכי נותן לפניכם תשמ"ג

Class One. Based on the Alter Rebbe’s Ma’amar in Likutei Torah, This class, which is the first of two is dominated by what appears to be the Rebbe’s questioning the Alter Rebbe: The Alter Rebbe explains that after Mattan Torah (some part of) the Jewish Neshama is revealed. He goes as far as explaining this...

Re'ei Anochi 5746.

The Anochi of Re’ei Anochi is higher than the Anochi of Anochi Hashem Elokecha, the Ten Commandments. The idea is to bring the Anochi of Re’ei into the Anochi of the Ten Commandments, because the Torah means this is a world filled with light rather than no world at all.

RE'EI 5748.

This Maamar explains how Yidden have reiya (can see) G-Dliness even now. Though Hashem told Moshe that he can’t raise Yidden up to the level of Reiya.