Devarim 1999 - Bringing Out The Good During Menachem Av

Moshe Rabbenu gave the Yidden mussar (criticism) in parshas Devarim. Rabbi Paltiel discusses the concept and process of giving mussar in a way that will lead to a good result. He discusses several lessons from the Gemara that enlighten the point. The class also includes an introduction to Chodesh Menachem Av (the month of Menachem...

01-01. First Possuk. (5767).

Devarim 2007 – The Intent of Moshe Rabbenu’s Final Address.Rabbi Paltiel begins with an introduction to this fifth and final Book of the Chumash. The class then follows with an analysis of the first pasuk (line) of the parsha. The classic commentaries disagree on the intention underlying Moshe Rabbenu’s final address to the Jewish people...

01-05. Translating the Torah. (5769).

Translating the Torah into 70 languages

01-28. Exaggeration in Torah? (5770).

The Torah say things that are obviously unreal. How do we explain these exaggerations?

03-11. Oig's bed.(5767).

What could possibly be the depth behind a description of Og the king of Bashan’s bed?