06-04. Shma Yisroel. (5767).

Class One. Class Two. Class Three.

06-07. ViShinantum Livunecha. (5770).

Teaching your children Torah.

Vaeschanan 2007 - Moshe Rabbenu's Plea to Go Into Eretz Yisroel

There are many different and surprising commentaries on Moshe Rabbenu’s plea to Hashem to go into Eretz Yisroel. This class covers many as well as Chassidus. Sources coming soon.

Vaeschanan 2007 - Why Two Hashems in the Shema?

Part one of a wonderful mini-series on Shema Yisroel. This first class addresses the question of why there are two instances of Hashem’s name in Shema Yisroel. Please note: the part of the recording that has been treated to eliminate excessive noise lasts only from about minute 18 to 22. Women’s and Girl’s Beis Midrash...

Eikev 2007 - Philosophy Versus Kabbala on Shema Yisroel

Part Two in the Mini-Series on Shema Yisroel continues the discussion of Shema Yisroel from the perspective of both philosophy (based on the Rambam) and Kabbala (drawing on Rabbenu Bechaye). Note: The third part of this series will cover the Chassidus of Shema Yisroel. Women’s and Girl’s Beis Midrash and Seminary for Higher Learning Parsha...