Maamarim Ki Tavo classes

This Ma'amar was recited Erev Rosh Hashana. He'emarta and He'emircha. Three translations in the same word are three steps in the same effect: 1) create delight and pleasure from Yidden, 2) Create garment of (infinite) light, 3) Speak (which represents finite light). These three ideas are stages in Hashemem becoming and being revealed (down here) as our King and we as His subjects. They are also parallel to 1) Shofros, 2) Zichronos, 3) Malchiyos.

The Maamar of Tavo also has to do with HaYom (holy Z'man, Rosh Hashana) not only Eretz Yisroel (Makom) as is obvious from the beginning of our Parsha. Special time has special effects as does special space. The joining of the two together is even more special.

Class One. This first class on the Ma’amar of Ki Savo we learned the ‘biur’ Everything in threes 1) Neshama 2) Guf 3) what binds them; 1) Mimalei 2) Sovev, 3) higher than both; 1) Malchiyos, 2) Zichronos, 3) Shofros; 1) Sur Mera, 2) Asei Tov, 3) Bakeish Shalom; Class Two. The second Shiur on Ki Savo deals with the Posuk, first ‘Hashem... Nosein…’ we receive a gift, that means a Koach for all later Avoda. Then ‘ViYirishta’- we inherit, which refers to the unchanging Avoda of Torah and Mitzvos, and then there’s the gift that is higher than the inheritance, which is Hashem giving us beyond the constant.

Class One. Bikurim, Teruma and the remaining grain correspond to 1) Yidden, 2) Torah and the world. This Ma'amar assumes the source of Yidden that is higher than Torah and Mitzvos. But to reveal this we need Tefilla, thus in this Ma'amar Bikurim is Tefilla, and as it is done each day three times! Class Two. Davening helps us access the essence of the Neshama that is higher than Torah and Mitzvos. In Golus the setback results in an advantage, that we get to daven every day three times, not like Bikurim brought once a year (by landowners) in the Beis HaMikdash.

Of all Korbanos Bikurim is represented by Tefilla the best because it has the two aspects of a sacrifice and a return. It is connected to the Land of Eretz Yisroethat also has the two ideas 1) running to Hashem, 2) settling and living there.

This מאמר discuses the Bracha and thanksgiving associated with divine blessing especially in Eretz Yisroel. However, the darker the period prior to the entry into Eretz Yisroel the more uplifted id the blessing of Eretz Yisroel.


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