Parshas Tavo (5779/ 2019)

Parshas Tavo (5779/ 2019) The land of Eretz Yisroel makes Mitzvos complete, as seen in the Mitzvos of Bikurim and Vidui Maaser.

Ki Tavo 26-01. First Possuk in the Parsha.

This class discusses the mitzva of bikurim in detail. Sources include: Rashi, Taz (with commentary from a sicha the Lubavitcher Rebbe), E. Ezra, Tur, Alshich, Rachav, a ma’amar from 5745.

Ki Tavo 26-17. Heemarta, Heemircha. Hashem's favoritism for us and ours for Him. (5767).

Now that the mitzvos have been presented it is time to focus on doing them. This concept is discussed and then goes on to focus on “He’emarcha…he’eamircha”. Sources include: Rashi, E. Ezra, Ramban, Gemara, Rosh, Alshich, ma’amar, sicha (references to follow).

Parshas Ki Savo, Tochacha is called "Bris" (covenant) (5780/ 2020)

Parshas Ki Savo, Tochacha is called “Bris” (covenant) (5780/ 2020)There are 2 instances of “Tochecha” – rebuke (threats/promise) – in the Chumash.  1. Bechukosai – 49 klalos2. Ki Savo – 98 klalosThe Tochacha, which is a most severe section in the Torah (which could be called “threats” rather than rebuke or correction) is called a...