Ki Seitzei Lamilchama 5731.

The Milchama for us is Tefila. Each word in this Possuk and their apparent questions reflect the war of spiritual growth and ascent perfectly.

19. Zachor 5735 (a Zachor Ma'amar).

19. Zachor 5735.[The following s my (personal) understanding of this Ma’amar]. There are two levels of fighting and defeating Amalaik:A. (higher one) by being זכר remembering above the possibility of forgetting, than there’s really no fight and confrontation.B. If one is not on the higher level, then he fights Amalaik through Torah.

22. Zachor 5736 (Parshas Zachor Ma'amar; much of this Ma'amar is Vayavo Amalaik)

22. Zachor 5736 (Parshas Zachor Ma’amar; much of this Ma’amar is Vayavo Amalaik) Amalaik begins with making us cold.This can be connected to Torah (!!!) because Torah is intellectual and is by nature cold.It continues onto ספק (uncertainty, inferred and overt) that ends with question היש הוי’ בקרבינו אם אין (is G-d among us ??...

Zachor 5743.

(Parshas Zachor Maamar). ‘The road’ from Egypt means our relationship with Hashem. Before we arrive at Mattan Torah the road leads us to confront the opposition, some is raised up- Yisro. Some is destroyed- Amalaik. Though Amalaik is our ‘brother’ and Yisro is only ‘our neighbor’.

Ki Teitzei 5745.

Class One. One must engage in the war of birurim, and go out with a winning attitude, and then Hashem gives us victory. The victory is also ours and we elevate sparks taking back what was K’dusha in the first place. After the basic Birur and elevation we must refine it, even to the extent...