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Ki Teitzei 2007 - Building a Home that is a G-dly Edifice

In depth analysis of the pasuk "Ki tivneh bayit chadash ve'asita ma'akeh legagecha velo-tasim damim beveytecha ki-yipol hanofel mimenu (When you build a new house, you must place a guard-rail around your roof)" (Ki Teitzei, 22.8).ยน Sources include: Shach, R. Bachaye, Rikanti, Arizal, Sichos (volume 9, p. 19), Likutei Torah (reference coming). 1. The source for the transliteration and translation of this pasuk is bible.ort Women's and Girls' Beis Midrash and Seminary for Higher Learning Parsha Series Live class at 9PM Sunday. Call the numbers below for location (private residence). Many thanks to the Director, Rebbetzin Ariella Benhiyoun, for making these classes available. For information on all daily learning programs at the Beis Midrash and Seminary please call 718-756-3007 or 718-756-3010