Sefer Devarim classes

Category Title Description
Parshas Devarim/ ChazonParshas Devarim / Parshas Chazon. The Shabbos before Tishaa (9) BeAV. The two Beis Hamikdash were destroyed on this day. On this day spiritually we're allowed a peek of the final Beis Hamildash.
Parshas Vaeschanun/ NachamuParshas Vaeschanun/ Nachamu
Parshas EikevParshas Eikev
Parshas Re'eiParshas Re'ei
Parshas ShoftimParshas Shoftim
Parshas Ki TeitzeiParshas Teitzei
Parshas Ki TavoParshas Tavo
Parshas NitzavimParshas Nitzavim
Parshas Vayelech And ShuvaParshas Vayelech and Shuva
Parshas HaazinuParshas Haazinu


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