18. ויגש אליו יהודה התשכ"ה (Muga)

Class One. The incredible advantages of Tefilla even compared to Torah Class Two. When Davening begins with אדנ”י שפתי תפתח it has all the advantages of Torah as well. There is where Yosef is superior, where Yehuda is superior, and where they are equal and something even higher than all that.

These two Ma'amarim are Shavuos Ma'amarim

-ועבדי דוד ה’תשמ”ב -א This, the first of two Ma’amarim that are based on a Ma’amar of the same title from ה’תרצ”ט 1939 is not normally a Shavuos title and the Rebbe addresses this anomaly. The content of the Maamar deals with the same title deals with Yehuda and Dovid, Torah and Ma’aseh. which are...

This is (being taught) as the third Ma'amar in a Hemshech.

וידבר אלוקים ה’תשמ”ב. This Ma’amar was taught as the third part in a series on Moshiach. In this class we explore Moshiach as a teacher of Torah. All revelation must follow Mitzrayim and concealment in order to reveal. Torah of Moshiach on the level of vision follows the darkness of Galus and the preparing for...

Vayigash... Koros Bateinu Arazim 5746. (5772/2011).

Mishkan’s earth is Bittul before Avoda, while the Beis HaMikdash being entirely of stone means that the Bittul permeates each aspect, still, the earth of Sota in the Beis HaMikdash is called “Karka HaMishkan” as there is an advantage to the Mishkan’s (lower) Bittul.

Viavdi Dovid 5746. Acharon Shel Pesach (Muga).

This Maamar is included here as it is a Possuk from the Haftorah of Parshas Vayigash. Two opposing approaches to understanding Hashem’s purpose in creation: 1) Talmud: that is all about being close. It is the delight of Yiddishkeit. 2) Maase’: action that is about distance from Hashem and is special because it is a...

Veavdi Dovid 5747.

Now Yosef is higher than Yehuda. When Moshiach comes Yehuda will be superior. A mystical explanation.