15. Yehuda Ata 5738 (Muga)

15. Yehuda Ata 5738This Maamar has two parts:Part One: Yehuda (Hoda’a) can only come after Reuvain, Shimon, and Levi (we connected it to last week, where Yosef is before Yehuda). Only after giluyim can Etzem be revealed.We tied this to Talmud and Ma’aseh Gadol.Part Two: though the Hoda’a is only revealed after Giluyim, it is...

Yehuda Ata 5746 (5772/2011).

Yehuda is Bittul. This is only experienced when it follows Reuvain (Seeing, Love), Shimon (Hearing, Fear), Levi (Connection, Joy).