11. Katonti 5737 (2nd of three part Hemshech about Pada BiShalom)

Katonti 5737 (2nd of three part Hemshech about Pada BiShalom) Class One.Introduction to Maamar Katonti with transition from Pada BiShalom and explanation regarding the background of the Katonti Maamar.This class covers a very small part of this (rather long) Ma’amar; including only the very beginning and the very end. There are various levels of Shalom...

עם לבן גרתי ה'תשמ"ב.

Lavan (on high) inspires correcting not only the spiritual Aisav, but the physical and actual Aisav as well. Lavan is also corrected on all levels. In this class we understand the Ma’amar to be saying that various levels of Lavan and Aisav are sequentially corrected from the top down: 1) לובן העליון נותן כח לברר...

וישלח ה'תשמ"ג.

This Maamar explores the Vayishlach maamarim of the Alter Rebbe and the Mitteler Rebbe, how they all flow along the theme of the Parsha from the beginning until Shlishi. It also explores an initial idea that the Mitteler Rebbe later refutes but does not remove from the מאמר. That even in פנימיות התורה there is...

Vayishlach Yaakov 5747.

Vayishlach, Yaakov’s hope to meet Eisav in his source are dashed. Yaakov then deals and elevates the actual Eisav, but then refuses to join him in Seiir, as the Geula has been delayed. His children will have to complete the task.

Vayashkeim Lavan Baboker Vayenashek...5748.

Lavan’s kiss spiritually empowers Avoda. Lavan then departs so not to interfere with free will.