06. מים רבים תשי"ז (Muga)

Class One. Summary: Maamar Mayim Rabim 5717 – Class 1: G-d Loves You Unconditionally and infinitely. This maamar was delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Shabbos Toldos 5717 (1956). We find extremely opposite interpretations of the verse in the Song of Songs, “Mayim Rabim…” One discusses the fact that the Jewish people are loved in...

09. Veyiten Lecha 5728 (Muga)

This Maamar is Muga. An overview of a ma’amar on the pasuk “Ve’yiten Lecha” from parshas Toldos. Source: “Ve’yiten Lecha”, Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat, Vol. IV, pp. 63