Overview, Beginners class on Toldos

Overview, beginners Toldos TOLDOS 1999 – YITZCHAK’S WELLS CLASS The Torah tells us that Yitzchak re-opened the wells that Avraham Avinu had dug but were blocked. This narrative is analyzed to reveal the focus of Yitzchak’s life and how his path built onto the foundation laid by his father. This class is accessible to everyone....

Toldos, Parsha overview (5772/2011).

Toldos Yitzchok, is it his work (Eisav) or his children (Yaakov). A unique spin on the Parsha.

Parshas Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) 5780 (2019)

Parshas Toldos (a lesson in Chinuch) 5780 (2019) Aisav is greater but extreme, Yaakov is balanced and sustained. The lesson in our lives. First Version: Yeshiva. Second Version: Chicago, Rosh Chodesh Kislev Farbrengen

Toldos 25 19.

Commentary on the first possuk. TOLDOS 2006 – A MEANINGFUL “VAV” CLASS; First Pasuk in the Parsha Series. What is the significance of the vav in the beginning of the parsha: “V’aile toldos yitzchak…” (These are the offspring of Yitzchak the son of Avraham). Why does Rashi tell us that Esav and Yaakov are the...

Toldos 25 28.

Yitzchok loved Eisav and Rivka loved Yaakov. TOLDOS 2005 – “THE TRUTH HURTS” CLASS Why did Yitzchak love Esav? This class flows beautifully from beginning to end. The analysis starts with two “simple” pshatim (surface interpretations) from Rashi (Esav “fed” Yitzchak and Esav deceived Yitzchak with false piety). Step by step the deep meaning of...

Toldos 26, 2. Yitzchak's piety and removal from the world; Yeshiva (5781/ 2020).

Toldos 26, 2. Yitzchak’s piety and removal from the world; Yeshiva (5781/ 2020).Yitzchak’s story is squeezed into Parshas Toldos between the stories of Avraham and Yaakov.    Yitzchak’s role was different than his father’s or his son’s – Firstly he had the most difficult of tasks, to secure the teachings of Avrohom Avinu beyond his...

Toldos 26-05 (5774/ 2013).

Why Avrohom was favored. He 1) Listened to His voice, 2) Guarded what must be guarded and (did His) 3) Mitzvos, 4) Chukim and 5) Torah. A variety of interpretations of these five ideas.

Toldos 26 12.

Vayizra Yitzchok….Yitzchok planted and found one hundred measures and Hashem blessed him. What is the blessing that follows the blessing of a hundred measures. (Rashi, Sforno, Midrash, Ralbag, Alshich, Panim Yafos, Rikanti, Reb Yonoson Aibeshitz, Sicha (LKUS vol. 5 p. 126-7).

Toldos 27 28.

Viyiten Lecha 5768 Why does Yithchok’s bracha begin with a vov and why does he use the divine name (Veyiten Lecha) Elokim? Class one. Veyiten Lecha – Part 1: Why a vov? Why Elokim? Part 2: Toldos Sicha – Vol.10, p.80; Toldos Ma’amar – Milukat, Vol. 4, p.63 MP3 Class two. Another Version (from 5770)

Toldos 25-21 Vaye'etar, one of ten (twelve (?)) expressions of Tefilla

Toldos 25-21 Vaye’etar, one of ten (twelve (?)) expressions of Tefilla.Based on the Sifrei in the beginning of Parshas Vaeschanan.All ten (twelve (?)) expressions are explored somewhat.1) זעקה (must include צעקה) which means to cry out2) שועה also means to cry; but also means to turn וישע הוי’ אל הבל we turn from where we...