Chayey Sara 5712.

Class One. Chayey Sara, Chava Noach and Sara shared the Avoda of bringing Bittul into Murgash [as opposed to Adam and Avrohom whose task was in the realm of the Bilti Murgash]. Noach tried a bittul of Chochma (wine, pinimyus Bina is Chochma) and failed; Sara tried a Bittul of malchus and succeeded because she...

31 Classes

Ma'amar Vayihyu Chayey Sara 5712

Ma’amar Vayiheyu Chayey Sara 5712This is “the” Ma’amar about Simcha (Joy) and it’s association with “Bittul”.There are 31 classes on this Ma’amar here.

Vayihyu Chayey sara 5713

Sara succeeds with Avrohom’s help (the additional Hey). Birurim involves descending into the Klipa, the lowest requires the highest Koach, Teshuva, Bittul atzmi. Noach’s failure is because he thought Yedias hashlila was high enough.

Rav Yosi Pasach... Yisron Eretz.. 5715.

Class One. Malchus completes the Partzuf (Adam). The understanding of Malchus completing Atzilus has three levels, The first two are in the words ‘ViYisron Eretz Lakol Hi…’ (the third is represented by the second half of the Possuk ‘Melech LiSadeh Ne’evad’). Two ideas are discussed here: 1) Malchus brings Atzilus much lower and then raises...

ViYitzchok Ba MiBo 5722.

Class One. Osim Rtzono Shel Makom, (Creating a new Ratzon) Joining Sovev and Mimalei; Sovev HaAtzmi. Bchol Livovecha, Nahshecha Miodecha. Class Two. Wells are Yitzchok’s avoda. They represent looking for Ahava (love for Hashem) deep within oneself. There are various steps to removing the blockages to the love and then there are several levels of...

08. Amar Rav Acha Yaffe Sichasan... 5736

Amar Rav Acha Yaffe Sichasan… 5736Question: why is so much attention given to the idle talk of the Servants in the Avos home?Answer: Sicha means Tefilla, on the level of Bichol Miodecha, which is (in this case) higher than Tefilla.This Tefilla Bichol Mieodecha changes the Torah to unify Torah ShbiKsav and Torah Shebaa.The Torah that...

09. VeAvrohom Zakein 5737 (Muga)

Version One (Yeshiva, 5768/ 2007):An overview of a ma’amar on the pasuk “V’Avraham Zaken” from Parshas Chayei Sara. Source: “V’Avraham Zaken”, Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat, Vol. IV, pp. 53 ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Version Two (Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos 770 5781/ 20200 Version Two (Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos 770) Class One:High, Higher, and even HigherMaamar V’Avraham Zaken – Edited...

09. ViAvrohom Zakain 5738 (Muga)

ViAvrohom Zakain 5738, Class One. Why does a Jew (who is a חלק אלוק ממעל) need Torah and Mitzvos?Answer: The Neshamah is אלקות שנעשה נברא (G-dliness that has become a creation (worldliness) whose connection is hidden (דביקות בלתי ניכר בכלים).This requires Torah and Mitzvos to change and reveal it’s G-dliness.They (Torah and Mitzvos) are in...

06. Amar Rav Acha Yafa Sichoson 5739

Amar Rav Acha Yafa Sichoson 5739 The union of Yitzchok and Rivkah takes up so much space in Torah because it is the basis for all of Yiddishkeit: Yichud M”A and BA”N. By Yitzchok and Rivkah it is only spiritual, but by us it is (also) physical. Every Mitzvah really is a Yichud M”A and...

ויהיו חיי שרה ה'תשמ"א.

Class One. Simcha is explored in this class: Joy allows for complete Avodas Hashem; It involves great humility. It needs to be constrained so that it not result in something unholy. Class Two. The issue of Murgash (external and demonstrative passion) that was described as undesirable in the last class, is the Avoda of: Chava,...

אמר ר' אחא יפה שיחתן ה'תשמ"ב

The episode of the marriage of Yitzchok and Rivkah represents the idea of יחוד מ”ה וב”ן on a general level, which is the source of how this יחוד is manifest in individual Mitzvos. This union is the joining of Torah and Mitzvos, as they represent heaven and earth. The source of this Eliezer’s שיחה or...

ויהיו חיי שרה תשמ"ג

Sara draws down from the unity of Kesser מאה שנה (in singular) to the unification of Chochma and Bina עשרים שנה (in singular) to the variety and division of the Middos שבע שנים (in plural). Her purpose is to bring Godliness down to the place of plurality by protecting that it go only to Kedusha...

ViAvrohom Zakain 5744.

This Ma’amar is based entirely on the beginning and end of the same Ma’amar from 100 years before: 5644. What is added with words VaHashem Barach Es Avrohom Bakol over the first half of the Possuk. ViAvrohom Zakain deals with overcoming tests, and VaHashem Bairach…, means that there will be no more tests.

Vayeheyu Chayey Sara 5745.

Class One. Sara had two gifts for Avoda 1) Chyin Ilain, 2) Her life was hers (as she earned it). How can this Zohar be reconciled with Rashi that interprets the words to mean that all her years were equal. Class Two. The Rebbe explains that the two ideas of 1) ‘Her life is her...

Yafe Sichason 5745

Class One. There are four ideas: the Avoda of the slaves of the Avos, the Torah of the slaves of the Avos, the Avoda of the Children and the Torah of the children. The slave comes first so that the children will follow and exceed them. Class Two. Why is this lesson learned in conjunction...

ViAvrohom Zakain 5746.

ViAvrohom Zakein and Ba Bayamim. This was said before (40 years earlier about both Avrohom and Sara) and it is repeated here; as there are levels in Ba BaYamim, the first being finite and the second being infinite. The numbers 40 and 90 are explored here.

Amar Rav Acha Yafe Sichoson...5747.

Yafe’ Sichasan Shel Avdei Avos because Sicha means a tefilla from Yechida. An entirely different idea of what is special about this sort than the typical issue of M”A and BA”N.

Yofe Sichasan 5748.

M”A and BA”N their unity is the point of Avoda for all creation.

Vayihyu Chayey Sara 5751.

Sara’s life is exalted on several levels the highest of which sees all her life as equal.