Overview Parshas Chayey Sara (5772/2011).

An overview with some observations. Sara passes away, purchase of Mearas HaMachpeila, Yitzchok’s Shidduch. Kitura, The death of Avrohom and Yishmoel.

Overview Class on Parshas Chayey Sara.

Beginners. CHAYE SARA 1999 – THE PHASES OF AVRAHAM AVINU’S AVODAS HASHEM CLASS. This class from the Maayan Chai series provides an overview of Avraham Avinu’s life – especially in terms of his Avodas Hashem and builds a basis for a better understanding of the Akeidah. This class is accessible to everyone and is a...

Lecture on Chayey Sara, the theme of the Parsha: death. Yeshiva (Achei Temimim 5780/ 2019).

Lecture on Chayey Sara, the theme of the Parsha: Death. Yeshiva AChei Temimim (5780/ 2019).This class enlightens the idea that one dies the way they lived, or: one who really lived lives on after death, while those who didn’t live like human beings die like animals Four levels: 1) Bisuel, he just disappears 2) Yishmoel,...

Chayey Sara 23 01.

The first Possuk in the Parsha. CHAYE SARA 2006 – THE LIFE OF SARA CLASS The class continues this year’s theme of analyzing the first pasuk (line) of the parsha. Rabbi Paltiel draws on Rashi, Ramban, Rashbam, Baal HaTurim, Abarbanel, Alshich, and a ma’amar to address the following three questions: 1. Why is it relevant...

Chayey Sara 23 09.

The Mearas HaMachpeila. CHAYE SARA 2005 – A CAVE OF MANY LAYERS CLASSThe double cave where the parents (of the world) are interred. It’s deeper meaning. What is the importance of the Mearas HaMachpelah (the Cave of Machpelah)? The build up to the Chassidic interpretation includes many commentators: Rashi, Eben Ezra, Rashbam, Ramban, Rikanti, and...

Chayey Sara 23, 17-20. (5774/2013).

The purchase of the field and cave for Sara’s burial is called ‘Kima’ (it rose up) and it is repeated twice. This class explores the significance of this, ending with a Sicha that reveals the depth of the separation of the former owner from this land, even as a former owner.

Chayey Sara 24 01.

“And Avrohom was old.” What does this mean? CHAYE SARA 2006 – GO INTO YOUR LIFE AND TAKE IT WITH YOU CLASSES If you have ever struggled with the story of the Akeidah, you must not miss this class. Rabbi Paltiel analyzes the pasuk (line), “Avraham was old, he was coming in the days”. One...

Chayey Sara 24, 15-16. (5773/2012).

Rivka’s jug of water. what is the mystical significance of it? The jug that Rivka carried down into the well and the way it is described in the pesukim, RaDaK, Rabbeinu bechayey, Ralbag, Abarbanel, Yonasan, Rogetchiver and Tzemach Tzedek. This jug is the twenty four sefarim of the Torah that Rivka goes down towards to...

Chayey Sara 24-21

Eliezer’s wager. CHAYE SARA 2009 He was surprised by the positive result.

Chayey Sara 24 42.

Why is the story of Yitzchok and Rivka’s marriage repeated (and) in such detail?

Chayey Sara 24 62.

Yitzchok was returning from ”Mibo Lachai Roi”.

Chayey Sara 24 63.

Yitzchok went to pray (lasuach) in the field.

Chayey Sara 25, 1 Kiturah, (Yeshiva 5721/ 2020).

Chayey Sara 25. 1 Kiturah, (Yeshiva 5721/ 2020).Who is Kiturah and why get married at so late an age, after having several children already.Argument if she is Hagar or someone else.

Chayey Sara 25, 12-15 12 sons of Yishmael, (Yeshiva 5722/ 2021).

Chayey Sara 25, 12-15 12 sons of Yishmael, (Yeshiva 5722/ 2021).Yishmael (like Nachor and Yaakov) has 12 sons, what do their names mean?Two explanations (PDF enclosed) mostly from Mifarshim (not ChaZaL) explaining the meaning of their names in two ways:1) [based on ילקוט אור האפילה] the twelve sons names based on Yishmael’s nature (Chessed of...