NOACH Beginners Class.

Beginner Parsha Class. This class from the 1999/2000 Maayan Chai series is accessible to all listeners. Parshas Noach is reviewed including many interesting details regarding the mabul (flood), The primary focus of the shiur is the keshes (rainbow). Including a story on the Ruzhiner which is timely as the yarzheit of this tzadik is coming...

Noach (5780/ 2019)

Noach The entire Torah is about Moshe and bringing heaven down to earth. In Braishis and Noach this has not yet happened, in fact we learn of a world which was either heaven or earth but never both and Hashem destroyed it.

Noach (5781/ 2020) Yeshiva, three points

Noach (5781/ 2020) Yeshiva, three points.A series of short points on Parshas Noach on lesser known aspects of the parsha. A key theme is analysis of the interconnected nature of life in Hashem’s Creation and the tension between life under a body of man-made law versus internal natural morality.1) The fate of life was determined...

Noach 06 01.

Class on first Possuk of the Parsha. NOACH 2006 – RIGHTEOUS IN HIS GENERATION CLASSES This class on Parshas Noach analyzes a fundamental question posed by all the great commentators, “Why does the Torah qualify Noach’s righteousness in terms of his generation(s)?” Sources include Rashi, Eben Ezra, Ramban, Sforno, Taz, Ralbag, Alshich, Abarbanel, and a...

Noach 06 16.

Tzohar Taase LaTeiva. Either a window or a precious stone. What it really was about. Noach 2009 – Window on the Teva Sources: Rashi, Chizkuni, and Chassidus

Noach 11 01.

The story of the generation of Haflaga (the great dispersion) what were they after.