והנה פרח מטה אהרון ה'תשמ"א.

Everything associated with כהונה and כהנים is marked by quickness and alacrity. It is based on their nature of חסד. It also comes down through all steps of השתלשלות, it just does it quickly. And it reaches the lowest levels. All Jews are spiritually כהנים.

Viavad HaLevi 5744.

In this Ma’amar, the Rebbe explores the idea that Gevuros don’t begin to be corrected until Korach (!!) and Levi. Gevuros should really not be correctable (and then the evil is never transformed) but through Chesed, even the Gevuros are elevated and transformed.

ViHinei Parach matei aharon 5745,

Class One. First level of Birchas Kohanim: it comes from the highest level and therefore descends to the lowest place and is guarded there. Class Two. Birchas kohanim cont. 2) the matei Aharon reveals the infinity of the Bracha of the Kihuna from the beginning, 3) The Birchas kohanim transform evil to good. This would...