Parshas Korach (5771).

The essence of the Parsha is Mechitzos (borders). Good borders create opportunity, while defying borders or wrong borders close off opportunity.

16-30. A new creation. (5770).

Moshe predicts that Korach won’t die naturally even if it will require a new creation.

17-17. Matei Aharon. (5768).

Aharon’s stick, what does it mean beyond the miracle itself. Sources: Midrashim, Rashi, Rashbam, Ramban, Chizkuni Click here for additional information on the role of Aaron HaKohen source for the above link: Class One. Class Two.

18, 08. The 24 gifts to the Kohanim, (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).

18, 08. The 24 gifts to the Kohanim, (Yeshiva 5781/ 2021).these gifts were given to the Kohanim from Hashem (as opposed to what the Leviim received from us). The cheshbon of the 24 gifts (RaMbaM). They correct (what allowed for) Korach’s sin.The idea of serving Hashem (end of Hil. Shmitta) two points:A. serviceB. Belonging to...