Parshas Shlach (5771).

The entire Parsha has the theme of Shlichus. This means you represent Hashem with free will- choosing to represent Him. But you must represent Him loyally. An overview of the entire Parsha.

Shlach 5759/ 1999 - The Story of the Meraglim (Spies)

This is a great class from the archive. The class was originally given as the introduction to a sicha on the story of the meraglim (reference coming). However, the class is self-contained and can be enjoyed on its own. Rabbi Paltiel begins with a concise summary of the events from just prior to the Exodus...

14-17. To pray for G-d. (5768).

Moshe’s prayer involves “Praising Hashem” to “Raise Him” to a level from which He can forgive us. What does all this mean?

15-02. The Nisachim (libations). (5765).

This Mitzva that is meant to accompany Korbonos would only go into effect once the Yidden entered Eretz Yisroel. Why?

15-18. Chala. (5770).

Some insights into this Mitzva.

15-32. The Mikoshesh. (5769).

What did he do and why.

Shlach 1999 - Tzitzis

A Beginners classA great shiur on Tzitzis including history and more

Tzitzis, a class given at Yeshiva Achei Tmimim (5780/ 2020) on Parshas Tzitzis

Tzitzis, a class given at Yeshiva Achei Tmimim (5780/ 2020) on Parshas TzitzisParshas Tzitzis entails the Mitzva of Tzitzis, which includes 1) a בגד and 2) פתילי לבן white threads and 3) תכלת blue threadsThese three represent 1) סוכ”ע and 2) ממכ”ע and 3) ממלא שממלא.The last is so precise that it doesn’t apply in...