Parshas Bamidbar Overview. (5771).

Counting Yidden and Leviim separately, why? The Jewish Camp a chariot for the Shechina (and more).

01-02. (5765), Bamidbar 2005 - Why Does Hashem Count The Jews?

The question of why Hashem counts the Jewish people is addressed with a broad range of sources: Rashi, Ramban, Rabeinu Bechaye, Shelah, and a Sicha from volume 4 of Likutei Sichos.

Bamidbar 2007 - The Importance of Details

This shiur based on the first pasuk in the parsha – discusses the importance of details. Sources: Rash, Taz, E.Ezra, R.Bechayey, Ramban, Tur, Yalkut, Alshich, Rikanti, A Ma’amar and a Sicha – Bamidbar Sinai B’Ohel Moed B’echod L’Chodesh, B’Shana Hasheinis references to follow

01-03 Bamidbar. From the age of twenty. (5773/2013).

Men only were counted; and only from the age of twenty, why? There is an introduction, that makes a suggestion about why women were not counted. Rashi, RaMbaN, RaLbaG, E. HaDaas Tov, Alshich, Shach, Yonasan aibeshitz, Rikanti Likutei torah.

02-02 Bamidbar - The Jewish camp. Flags. (5768).

Class One. Degalim (Flags) Sources: Rashi, E. Ezra, Midrash, R. Bechaye, Chida, Alshich Bamidbar 2008 Class Two.

03- 01. Bamidbar 5780 (Yeshiva) Students are children

Bamidbar 5780 (Yeshiva) Students are children.כל המלמד את בן חבירו תורה מעלה עליו הכתוב כאילו ילדוThe Alter Rebbe called the Ba’al Shem Tov “Zaideh” as he was his teacher’s teacher.Reb Boruch of Mezibuzh was the biological grandson and the Alter Rebbe “the real” grandson.Aharon’s children are Moshe’s as he taught them Torah.Yehoshua Bin Nun is...

04-05 Bamidbar - Bigdei HaSerad.(5766).

Traveling Garments for the Keilim (Vessels) of the Mishkan. Class One. Class Two.