LIKUTEI SICHOS VOL. 28 P. 131 FF Awaiting Moshiach as seen through the eyes of the Parah Adumah

LIKUTEI SICHOS VOL. 28 P. 131 FF CLASSES Class 1: Introduction to a series of sichos of the Rebbe on Rambam’s laws of Moshiach. Moshiach and geulah are two separate concepts. Moshiach is a person, a king, and geulah is the time in which we will be redeemed. We must believe in Moshiach and we...

Likutei Sichos vol. 28 page 131 ff.

Para Aduma and a prayer for Moshiach. This Sicha explores the RaMbaM’s prayer for Moshiach in the middle of the laws of Para Aduma and explains that there is a Halacha in this. It is law in Tefilla (hinted and not said outright that the time to pray for Moshiach is always.