ViHaya Zaracha 5722.

Class One. This shiur attempts to explain the differences between the four (basic) levels of Ohr Ein Sof our Ma’amar deals with 1) Lifnei Hatzimtzum (only Igul) 2) After the Tzimtzum in Ein Sof (Igul and Kav are together); 3) Atzilus (only ein Sof of Kav); 4) The NeHI that can split and come into BY”A with only the limited and not the infinite light. This class is very difficlut and cannot be listened to as the correct p’shat in the Ma’amar, it is simply an attempt at explaining these most difficult concepts.

Class Two. Middle of the Ma’amar: the four sets of three, the anomalies in Gevura; the Questions and answers about lifnei and liacharei HaTzimtzum.

Class Three. The rest of Shabbos is a vehicle to reach Atzmus that is higher than all the levels of three kavim our Ma’amar has been discussing. The reason this is so is because it takes by inaction rather than through a positive action. This dimension of Shabbos is Yaakov’s and not Avrohom’s.

Class One
Class Two
Class Three


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