VaAira 5712.

Also known as ‘Der Frumer VaAira’. Class One. “The Frumer VaAira” of the Alter Rebbe (origionally) reviewed by the Rebbe in 5712. The Ma’amar is being taught in two classes. This class overviews the Ma’amar and some of its’ history. It then explores the ‘Zoche’ person who need not do Teshuva because 1) he reaches Hashem through Torah and Mitzvos (that are one with Him) and 2) never wastes a second and never loses any ‘L’vush’. He is therefore worthy of Moshiach with no need to do Teshuva. Class Two. 1) why must Teshuva be a prerequisite to Moshiach? Is there not the option of not sinning in the first palace? 2) Ki Lo Yidach Mimenu Nidach… (nothing is lost) doesn’t mean of Jewish Souls but of Godly sparks, 3) Consequently, virtually no person is in fact above the need to correct what he wasted from the Godliness he was given (even if it is only a moment of time). 4) How one can inspire himself to feel so bad about wasting short amounts of time. 5) In fact teshuva reaches higher than the (rare) perfect person. 6) VaAira…. Keil Shakai… Havaya this is the Tzadik and the Ba’al Teshuva.
Class One.
Class Two.


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