Topics in Chassidus classes

This is a new series, and it intends to include discussions on certain ideas as they are understood in the light of Chassidus. This is current and ongoing (for the school year 5781 (2020- 21) so we have only one class at a time.

Category Title Description
Chanukah, The Rambam
Teshuva (according To Chassidus)The lower and higher Teshuva, the unique gift of Teshuva (to Souls on this earth)
Bris Mila (yeshiva 5781/ 2020)A series of classes exploring Bris Mila. We begin with the RaMbaM, the Midrash and the More' Nivuchim. This is followed up with The Tanya (Iggeres HaKodesh 4) and Torah Ohr (Lech Lecha.) Then we have several Sichos, including one about אין למדין מלפני מתן תורה and the fact that the Bris is called the Bris of Avrohom.
Gid HanashehA series of classes given at Yeshiva Achei Temimim (in 5781/ 2020) on this obscure Mitzvah. The Sefarim referenced: Chinuch, Rabbinu Bechayey, Zohar, Tanya, Derech Mitzvosecha, Likutei Sichos


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