Hayom Yom Biography. The brief history of the Rebbe's life in the introduction to the Hayom Yom. (5773/2013). 7 classes

Class One. The biography of the Frierdike Rebbe until his Nesius. 1) His childhood, 2) Mishnayos Baal Peh, 3) the RaShabaTz, 4) his Arrest, 5) his Father’s Chinuch, 6) His 15th birthday and becoming a public servant, 7) going to meetings, 8) his wedding, 9) Tomchei Tmimim, 10) the Tzoris and how he was involved,...

Public Service.

From his fifteenth birthday his father made him his personal secretary and a servant (“‘Till Mesiras Nefesh) for Klal Yisroel.

The Year 5687 (5767).

The year 5687/1927 the Rebbe was arrested. This arrest could hardly be considered a total surprise. Here’s the story of this momentous year.


The story of Mesiras Nefesh in Soviet Russia.

13 Tamuz.

Continuation of story.


Coming home, Birchas HaGomel. Short thought.


15 SIVAN. Long Version. (5769). The day the Frierdike Rebbe was arrested.

The Yud Shvat story (5766).

The period before, during and after the Rebbe RaYatz histalkus.