Section Two: the mind of a Child classes

The RaMbaM and the RaAvaD on the question of Hashem having a body or a form, what did the RaAvaD mean?

If you think of Hashem anthropomorphically as a child does: with simplicity, it is not a crime at all.

Hashem's hands and feet. The RaMbaM in his introduction to the More' explains why the Torah seems simplistic, because it speaks first to the masses and only hints for the greater scholar, because the point of Torah is people should do good actions. It expects the smart people to figure it out on their own

History (again) of Chakira vs. Kabbalah and the question of "the mind of the child"- לדעת זה התינוק.

Children's faith. This class ended with a lively discussion and debate, it is worth listening to.

The adult negation of all form, vs. the child's simplicity.

An adult is Bottul by not being, a child is Bottul in what he is.


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