Class One.

Prophecy is mysticism.

Class Two.

Class Two.Mysticism of the Prophets: the divine Chariots.

Class Three.

Class Three.Sofrim and the Anshei Kneses HaGedola and “the reformation” away from Prophecy (spiritual and mystical) towards academics and law.

Class Four.

The onset of Kabbalah.

Class Five.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Zohar.

Class Six.

Kabbalah’s dark age.

Class Seven.

The RaMbaN, Nachmonedes.

Class Eight.

The Zohar reappears.

Class Nine.

Rabbi Meir Ben Gabbai, The Avodas HaKodesh.

Class Ten.

Rabbi Moshe Kordova. The Pardes Rimonim.

Class Eleven.

The great Arizal. Hakdamos and Kavanos. Tzimtzum, Kabbalah Ma’asis.

Class Twelve.

Rabbi Chayim Vital. The other students of the Arizal also write. The Shmona Sheurim.

Class Thirteen.

Rabbi Yeshaya Halevi Horowitz.

Class Fourteen.

The Chassidic Movement. Rabbi Yisroel Ba’al Shem Tov. The epicenter of Judaism is the Jew not Judaism. The lowest world is the point of everything.

Class Fifteen.

Rabbi Schneer Zalman of Liadi, “The Alter Rebbe”. Kabbalah with a philosophical form. We’re closest to G_D on earth, Action is much more important than intent.