Lectures on Kabbala. classes

This enjoyable talk was given on the last day of a Shabbaton held in Crown Heights in 2007 (Shabbos Terumah). The original title was the Kabbala Craze and the focus is on how Kabbalastic and Chassidic philosophy fit into spiritual life. This talk is at an introductory level and is not text based. The question session at the end includes some suggestions for further reading.
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Short Thought: Two differences (5775/2015)
 - Short Thought: Two differences (5775/2015)
Chakira and Kabalah- what they each think of 1) Neshama, 2) What does Judasim do for God?
Kabbalah is a commentary on Chassidus (5775/2014).
 - Kabbalah is a commentary on Chassidus (5775/2014).
This class given at Yeshiva Chovevi Torah explores this controversial remark made by the Rebbe RaSahB. Kabbalah is form, Chassidsus the light behind the form, but the Baal Shem Tov meant to give light even to the ordinary person.


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