The Frierdike Rebbe

Asara Sheyoshvim 5688. This Maamar was recited and distributed for the first yearly celebration of the Frierdike (previous) Rebbe’s release from the Soviet prison system.

Lecha Dodi 5669. The Maaamar recited at the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding. The Frierdike Rebbe’s Licha Dodi illustrates how preliminary influence brings to deeper influences until the ultimate influence the converging of two into one (in children). The examples 1) teacher and students, 2) Father and son, how it is in darkness (Galus) to light (geula), 4) Davening form cold to hot. Shabbos.

Asara Sheyoshvim 5688.
Lecha Dodi 5669.


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