Short thoughts on the nusach of the Siddur.

What is the difference between the word Siddur and Nusach. (5772/2012). Is Nusach like Torah Shebiksav or Torah SheBaal Peh? (5772/2012).

The Siddur (5773/2013).

This class was given in honor of the 200th Yahrtzeit of the Alter Rebbe. The Alter Rebbe’s Siddur, a clear author and purpose, to be ‘the thirteenth gate’. Reb Avrohom Dovid Lavut’s introduction (the Maggid’s Torah) and the joining of 1) Kabbalah, 2) Halacha, and 3) Dikduk. The Maharil’s letter. Shuve’ lichul Nefesh.

The Siddur (5765).

A class about the intent of the Alter Rebbe in making his nusach. It may be very holy and precise but it is for everyone.