Ani Lidodi 5712.

Class One. This is the first of two classes on this classic Ma’amar, outlining the stages of the davening journey from submission and acceptance, to feeling, reason (of the animal and then divine Souls and total Bittul in the Amida. Class Two. The second class on this wonderful Ma’amar explains why Davening alone is not...

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Ma'amar Ani Lidodi 5712 (In Depth)

Ma’amar Ani Lidodi 5712.This Ma’amar has ?? classes.Enclosed here are:1) A PDF of the Ma’amar.2) The questions in a word document format.

Ani Lidodi 5715.

Class One. Introduction, What is davening? The ‘ladder’ of Davening, Mode Ani, Psukei DiZimra, Birchos Krias Shma, Shama and the Amida.

Ma'amar on Bentching

ואכלת ושבעת תשמ”ג This Ma’amar is on Bentching. Why are there three biblical blessings and the ChaZaL added a fourth? It is like the numbers 3 (lights) that is favored by the Sefer Yeztirah and the number 4 (light and vessel) favored by later Kabbalah. Hashem’s favoritism to His people for Bentching for a smaller...

אדנ-י שפתי תפתח תשי"ב

This Ma’amar said by the Rebbe on his fiftieth birthday deals with the idea of this Possuk which is added at the beginning of the Amida and appears to interrupt the סמיכות גאולה לתפילה. The Gemara explains it using the logic of תפילה אריכתה. The Ma’amar explains that תפילה אריכתא means much more than an...

14 Classes

Ma'amar Adna"i Sefasai Tiftach 5712 (In Depth)

Ma’amar Adna”i Sefasai Tiftach 5712This Ma’amar about ‘Tefilla Arichta’ (that by adding the ONE Possuk Adan-i Sefasai Tiftach, all of Shmone Esrei becomes a Long Prayer) was said by the Rebbe in his room to select Chassidim on his 50th birthday.

אחרי ה' אלוקיכם תלכו תשי"ד

Class One. 1) This Possuk (Acharei…) begins with love, the fear (which is supposed to come first, Tanya Ch. 41) is before this Possuk’s Avoda starts. 2) Walking from below to above is about one’s personal connection with Hashem as opposed to the formal connection through Torah and Mitzvos. 3) all the subsequent steps follow...