Tanya text based classes

In depth text based classes on Tanya delivered at Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos beginning in the winter 5777/ 2016.

Category Title Description
IntroductionTanya in depth text based learning.
Chapter 1Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 1.
Chapter 2Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 2.
Chapter 3Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 3.
Chapter 4Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 4.
Chapter 5Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 5.
Chapter 6Tanya in depth text based learning. Perek 6.
Chapter 7, TanyaTanya in-depth text-based learning, Perek 7. Class 1 of Perek 7 is included with Perek 6.
Chapter 8, TanyaTanya in-depth text learning, Perek Ches.
Chapter 9, TanyaIn depth text based learning of Tanya (section one) chapter nine.
Chapter 10, TanyaTzadik both levels: ורע לו which is אינו גמור and וטוב לו which is צדיק גמור
Chapter 11, TanyaThe two levels of Rasha are discussed in this chapter and the link between רשע וטוב לו and רשע שאינו גמור and רשע ורע לול and רשע גמור.
Chapter 12, TanyaThe "Beinoni". The idea of Madraigas HaBeinoni (as opposed to Midas HaBeinoni) is discussed here
Chapter 13, TanyaNow that we've defined the מדריגות הבינוני (as the combination of מלוכה וממשלה) let us explore the various Gemaros quoted on the first page of Tanya, beginning with the idea of זה וזה שופטן and more.
Chapter 14, TanyaIn addition to the מדריגת הבינוני which is like the שם התואר of בינוני there is also מדת הבינוני which is attainable for all of us.
Chapter 15, TanyaTzadik and Rasha (Beinoni) are not the same as Oved and Lo Oved (that are two levels in Beinoni) This Perek explores different levels of Beinoni, that use different types of motivation with varying measures of success.


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