Menachem Av classes

1 אגרת הקדש פרק א'

אגרת הקדש פרק א' 3

אגרת הקדש פרק ב

אגרת הקדש סעימן ד' שיעור 1 פנימיות וחיצוניות הלב

אגרת הקדש סימן ד' 2 צדק לפניו יהלך Tzedakah brings one's Yiddishkeit to the level of פנימיות הלב פדה בשלום נפשי ושבי' בצדקה

אגרת הקדש סימן ז' 1 1) introduction: what do terms like חלק (portion) and גורל (lottery) mean in Yiddishkeit (if all of it is all of ours)? 2) Beginning of discussion on what it means for Yaakov to call Hashem א-ל אלוקי ישראל in so personal a way 3) סובב light is the same everywhere, infinite and hidden, ממלא light is limited, diverse and revealed in each place distinctly.

אגרת הקדש ז' 2 1) The idea that higher worlds have greater light but lower worlds have more detail and diversity 2) 613 and infinity in: Torah Yidden and then world, that lives from the first two.

אגרת הקדש ז' 3 Yaakov is like Adam HaRishon all the diversity of Jews (and Torah!!) begins in him and with him, and through him, it affects divine revelation in the entire world.

אגרת הקדש סימן ז' 4 All Yidden must do all Mitzvos (and learn all of Torah) as תורה אחת ומצוה אחתצ לכולנא and still there is זהיר טפי in each time and Gilgul these differences are called "חלק" each Yid's portion in Yiddishkeit and cannot be explained logically, thus, it is also called גורל.

אגרת הקדש סימן ח This letter explains how giving Tzedaka affects the success of one's efforts in Tefilla to feel greater closeness with the Ein Sof. He explains Reb Eliezer's practice of giving Tzedaka and his reference to the Possuk אני בצדק אחזה פניך in the above light. He explains that this revelation is higher even than עולם הבא and reaches the person even now because of the principal of זורע צדקות מצמיח ישועות what you get for giving Tzedaka is based on what grows from the gift which is far more than the gift itself.

אגרת הקדש סימן ט 1 This class explains the need to be consistent in our lives: if we believe that all is G-d אין עוד מלבדו when we close our eyes during שמע ourlives should reflect those values, even when it comes to giving Tzedaka.

 אגרת הקדש סימן ט 2 The Alter Rebbe says that nowadays all of our Avoda successes and efforts to attach ourselves (consciously) with Hashem, are through Tzedaka.


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