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Iggeres HaKodesh 11 Shalom Shalom Rabbi Paltiel, Currently, I learn the daily Tanya with you and I was wondering for today, you mentioned that Li'Haskilcha Bina was probably written to a individual (bc it is a letter) but ion lessons in Tanya it mentions it was written to the community. Was just curious if Lessons in Tanya is just extrapolating that bc it was put in the Tanya, then it for sure is for the community or is it that they or you have a source for it being an individual or community? no the lessons in Tanya is based on fact and i was clearly mistaken, good Shabbos ksiva vachasima Tova. The idea that this was sent to a community rather than an individual actually softens the criticism the letter seems to hold, in other words (in a way) it makes sense that it was written to many rather than one person.


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