Tanya Lectures classes

Tanya Lectures The Tanya classes in this section given at the Chabad house in Flatbush were started after 19 Kislev 5769/2008 . This time around the pace was slowed down. Rather than finish the entire Tanya in one year the classes are more in depth and provide a longer form of the Tanya Summaries of the two earlier series.

Category Title Description
Section One, Likutei AmarimSection One (1), Likutei Amarim, Beinoni. The First ten lessons are an introduction and an overview of the underlying ideas of the Tanya: The two Souls and their respective character and struggle.
Section Two. Likutei Amarim, Shaar Hayichud Vihaemuna
Section Three, Iggeres HateshuvaThis section has 9 classes.
Section Four, Iggeres HakodeshThis section includes classes. This folder has Letters 1-19.
Section Five, Kunteres Acharon


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