Tanya Summaries leap year classes

Tanya Summaries leap year. These classes were given in a Chabad house in Flatbush between 19 Kislev 5768/2007 through 19 Kislev 5769/2008.

Category Title Description
Section One, Likutei Amarim, Beinoni
Section Two, Likutei Amarim, Shaar Hayichud VihaemunaSection Two, Likutei Amarim, Shaar Hayichud VihaEmuna This section has 6 classes (two of the classes were given at once and are divided here to make it more palatable.
Section Three, Iggeres HateshuvaSection three, Iggeres HaTeshuva. This section has 4 classes.
Section Four, Iggeres HakodeshSection four, Iggeres Hakodesh. This section has 14 classes.
Section Five, Kunteres AcharonSection five, Kunteres Acharon. This section has 3 classes (the first of which was included in the Iggeres Hakodesh section).


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