Section Five, Kunterse Acharon classes

Section Five, Kunterse Acharon. This section has 3 classes

Class One
 - MP3
Rabbi Paltiel introduces the fifth book of the Tanya, the Kuntres Acharon, a collection of the Alter Rebbe's notes and some additional letters added to the Tanya by the Alter Rebbe's children.
Class Two a
 - MP3
The fourth note or essay in the Kuntres Acharon is presented in this class.
Class Two b
 - MP3
NOTES (given in the second cycle of learning Tanya. They are being included here also because they are necessary).
Class Three
 - MP3
The fifth and final note plus four letters in the Kuntres Acharon are presented in this class. This is the final class of this year's series - following the CHITAS schedule for a regular year.


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