Section Two, Likutei Amarim Shaar hayichud VihaEmuna classes

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This is the last class on Shaar HaYichud V'Emunah and covers chapters 11 and 12. In sum, the Alter Rebbe discussed the concept of Ein Sof and the idea of Sefiros which are lights of the Ein Sof that exist in relation to us. He now continues with a discussion of the letters of creation. The letters affect the detail in the Sefiros of the Ein Sof and the various formations of letters provide the possibility for the creation of a huge, virtually infinite, number of diverse creations. There are letters that are relatively original which are closer to the letters from the ten utterances and letters that are more remote on lower and lower levels all the way down to the levels of the creation that here in our physical world. The world, the letters, and the light are all included one among the other: the world is one with the letters, the letters are one with the light, and the light is included in the source. The worlds therefore continue to be one with G-d.

Rabbi Paltiel's approach to the deep and complex ideas covered in Chapters 8 to 10 of Shaar HaYichud V'Emunah provides clarity for people studying the text of the Tanya and a useful overview of key concepts in Judaism for everyone. The class explores at length the difference between Jewish philosophy and mysticism in regard to anthropomorphism. It also provides a brief overview of the historical development from philosophy to mysticism and the unique conflict and difficulty that mysticism introduced to Jewish theology, religion and tradition.

Chapter 7 of Shaar HaYichud V'Emunah. Philosophy versus Kabbala - answers to the fundamental questions. We will post the handout that is mentioned in this class.

Description Coming Soon. Ready for Listening.

This is the first class in the Second Book of the Tanya, Shaar Ha'Yichud V'Emunah. The class contains an introduction to the entire book and covers the first three chapters. More extensive description to come. Ready for listening.


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